ADP Auto Drain Plugs


Standard Large Design


Standard Large Design


ADP Drain Plugs may be used with most fluids and are particularly suitable for controlling engine oil
  • Reduces Mess
  • Improves Safety
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Eliminates Stripped Threads
  • Reduces Down Time
  • High Quality Product

Thread Sizes

All thread sizes from M12 to M50, ½" to 2" are readily available in many thread lengths to suit the application.


Compact Design, Small Series


Compact Design, Small Series


Reduces Mess

With the special drain hose, the oil is contained from engine to container so there are no spills.

Improves Safety

Technically, the oil should be drained at working temperature whilst contaminants are in suspension. With Femco, hot liquids may be drained safely as it is fully contained within the drain hose.

Environmentally Friendly

ADP saves you money and the environment. With the oil draining straight from the engine to the collection vessel via the special drain hose, there is no risk of spillage’s and so no messy clean up or fines due to contamination of the environment.


Drain Plug with Drain Hose Attached


Drain Plug and Draining Hose


Eliminates Stripped Threads

Once an ADP is fitted correctly, it is guaranteed for the life of the engine and may remain in situ unless externally damaged. The ADP remains in place, no ritual changing of sealing washer or repairing of stripped oil pan threads.

Reduces Downtime

Only the special drainer is required for operation. Only one drainer is necessary for the entire size range. The Single Bridge design of the ASP full bore drain plug ensures maximum flow rate. No time is wasted by trying to remove a frozen drain plug. No rounding of the hexagon or injuries due to slipping spanners or wrenches.

High Quality Product

Solid brass is used throughout the product range to produce accurate threads and sealing. Viton is used for fluid sealing, and stainless steel is used for the spring.